Here is where I will be listing homebrew content for tabletop RPGs, or articles and links to previously published materials:

The Harrowed, The Skinchanger, and the Didaras: The one with three D&D character race options you can get for free.

Monastic Traditions: The Four Temples: The one with four very different monk archetypes to choose from.

Druidic Circle: The Circle of Swords and Staves: The one where a druid learns they have more options than turning into a cat or casting a support spell.

Campaign Core: Werewolf Apocalypse: The adventure where the Red Moon Rises, and the hunters become the hunted.

3 Legendary Items: The one where with a cursed bow and some other cool stuff.

Seven Custom Magic Items for D&D 5e: In which I list some pretty rad magical loot.