Welcome to Clerical Error

“I am looking for someone to share in an adventure.” ~ Gandalf the Grey

I am your host, Cal Ebethan, of Ebethan Game Designs. This is a site where I will be discussing and posting content on all things nerdy, from original content for role-playing games, to discourse on nerd culture, and everything in between.

The Werewolf Apocalypse is Available Now!

Articles is where all the broad discourse takes place, from reviews, to commentary, to articles on the craft of storytelling and nerd-stuff.

Content is where I share some cool stuff I’ve been working on for games. Mostly creatures, player options, and loot that I’m testing.

Over here in DM’s Guild is some of my earlier work, which I hope you’ll check out.

And here on DriveThruRPG is where I’ve taken to publishing my newer stuff.

Likes, shares, and feedback are more than welcome, and may earn you a complimentary copy of one of my published gaming products.